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The famous jingle was written by Richard Trentlage in September of 1962 as an entry to a song writing contest held by Oscar Mayer. He found out about the contest the day before the deadline and penned the lyrics and melody in about an hour that night. Trentlage was awarded winner the following year, and the song became a hit.

45 RPM pressings of this 60-second spot were sent to radio stations across the country. It features the song in all its glory, sung twice by a couple of ebullient kids. Between the two choruses, an announcer breaks in with a jovial message about how Oscar Mayer wieners are "packed with special Oscar Mayer meat flavor." Yum.

It's pretty cool to have this swell part of advertising history! 

Oh, and you may be wondering about the photos of the Wienermobile. My father used to work for Oscar Mayer (which is how I became endowed with the record), and he arranged to have the vehicle visit our neighborhood one day. Yes, it's parked in our driveway! I was only one year old at the time, so I don't remember that day, but I'm told everyone in the neighborhood gathered around to wonder at the giant hot dog on wheels!